About Us
Estudio NOTARIAL, is a company with operations headquarters in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, which focuses its activities integrating multidisciplinary services of Notarial and Legal Advice.-
Our company is the result of an initiative that was born by the desire of a team of young professionals, of extensive academic training both at the National University of Rosario and the Catholic University of Argentina, who are passionate about what We do, and with a constant training activity and after a long period of professional training, we decided to create a common project focused on providing the best service in terms of care, advice, analysis and case resolution, capturing in each of them our imprint of honesty, transparency, responsibility, expediency, presence and above all things human quality.-

To achieve this, we created our workplace focused on the image and quality of service we wanted to provide and so today we have the ideal infrastructure for the company, which is located in one of the most recognized areas of the city, with spacious and modern work environments, faithful to the imprint of our project ideal, providing comfort, well-being and safety to our clients.-

Achieved the objective, our task is to provide all our training to provide comprehensive Notarial Services and advice combined with a personalized service and excellent attitude and aptitude of our group of collaborators in order to provide a high quality of service to each of our clients. –

Our mission

Being a company that exceeds every day and that makes the personal and business needs of each of our clients, solutions that contribute to resolving conflicts, applied to each need, offering integral solutions and meeting our standards of quality, presence and efficiency, applying all innovation, knowledge and attention, with the aim of providing the best of services.-

Competent Areas

Sales & Donations

All types of real estate transfers, with or without usufruct, from Rosario city and Santa Fe province.

Records of all kinds & Certifications

Finding and notification Records, transcription, raffles, notoriety, etc.
Certifications of signatures, copies, address verification, etc.


Deeds and / or instruments of constitution, transformation, merger, spin-off, extension, renewal, adaptation, increase or reduction of capital, etc.

Powers of attorney

Special, judicial, administrative, banking, administration, etc.


Advice on commercial qualifications in the city of Rosario.

Assignments & Testaments

Assignments of inheritance, possessory or litigious rights. Testaments, legacies, etc.

Civil Associations & Foundations

Deeds and / or instruments of constitution, transformation, extension, renewal, liquidation and dissolution, change of address, etc.

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